Cute Cats!

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We offer this game for free. Please be aware that the game is a prototype. We have tested it a lot, but there might be some bugs left in it. This game is provided "as is" and we can give no warranty of any kind. You use it at your own risk!

Yes, I understand and accept it.

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Just download the zip-file, extract it and double-click on the KamiKatze.exe file.

It doesn't work? Just contact us!

Supported operating system:

This game requires an Xbox or similar game controller for each player.

Local Multiplayer

Grab some friends, jump on the couch and get ready for this fast-paced and colorful arena game. In the world of these cats, there can only be one winner!

Gif Shot
Gif Blackhole


Hit your opponents with your ball of wool and use the environment to even shoot around the corner.

Push & Pull

Pull the other cats in your direction or push them away with your scary meow. Right into the laser beams.

Gif Push Ability
Gif Pull Ability

Game Modes

Compete for points, against the clock or become King of the Laser Dot. No arena is the same thanks to procedurally generated maps.

Power Ups

Get even better by collecting power ups to increase your speed, reduce your reload time and make your ball of wool stronger.

Gif Laser Map

KamiKatze Team

Guillermo Reyes

Jairo Lozano

Jonas Förster

Joshua Witte

Michael A. Hedderich

Sebastian Lieb

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