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Drive your taxis through the city and bring passengers to their destination. Earn money to buy additional taxis and better upgrades. Encounter new challenges every day.

Welcome to your new taxi business. Your job is to control the taxis in your city. To be successful you have to keep your passengers requests in mind. Businessmen are always in a hurry, be quick enough to catch them. Tourists like to see the city’s highlights and everyone likes a ride in a fancy car. But be aware to not get stuck in the rush hour.

Invest your money wisely: Hire new drivers, buy new cars and upgrade your fleet. If you are good enough, you might even be able to buy a limousine to transport your clients in style. Gain some extra money by completing challenges and try to beat the highscores.

No Google services on your phone? No Android smartphone? Check out our alternative versions.

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Command your taxi fleet, transport passengers to earn money.

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Experience new challenges every day!

Screenshot Prebriefing

Expand your taxi fleet and upgrade your taxis.

Build Your Own Tiny Taxis Helmet

Some Tiny Taxi Hats

You are invited to a cosplay party and you don't know as which character to dress up? It's Carneval or Halloween and you quickly need a costume? You lost your hat and you are looking for a unique replacement? Then build your own Tiny Taxis helmet! Here are the instructions on how to build one for 5 € (or less) in half an hour (or 5 minutes more if you are a developer who is not used to build things in real life). You just need some colored paper, a box, a printer, scissors and some glue.

Step 1: Get a box of the hat size you like, e.g. from a package of cereals or some package delivery. Close all lids with glue. Cut a circular opening on the bottom side of the box and enlarge it till it fits on your head. Pro-tip: You can use some rolled newspaper pages to glue a somewhat elastic filler around the opening in case it is too large and the box does not fit well on your head.

Step 2: Download the design pages and print them on colored paper (e.g. yellow or orange).

Step 3: Glue the paper on the box. The lights go on the front of the box, the logo on the sides, the QR code on the back and the bar on top. You might have to shorten some of the paper sheets or use additional colored paper sheets depending on the size of your box. Pro-tip: If your box is larger than the printed out papers, first glue on additional background paper and then the printouts.

Step 4: Play a round of Tiny Taxis to get into the right taxi driving feeling and you are done!

Alternative Versions

The easiest way for most players to obtain Tiny Taxis is to download it on our Google Play page for Android smartphones and tablets. We got, however, several requests for alternative options and who are we to deny a fan's (reasonable) wish?

  • If you have an Android smartphone without the Google services and you therefore can not use Google Play, you can instead download the APK file directly. This is the same version as on Google Play. Keep in mind that if you download the APK, you will also have to download updates manually in the future as these will not be pushed to your phone automatically. You can do this by just downloading the latest version of the APK and your phone will take care of the update.
  • If you want to play Tiny Taxis on your computer, you can try out our desktop development version. This is a version of the game that we used internally during development, so it is more of a byproduct than a target version. It contains the same content as the Android game but - given that mouse-controlled computers are rather different from touch-controlled smartphones - the game feels somewhat different. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux if you have Java installed. If you accept that this game is provided "as is" and we can give no warranty of any kind, you can download the zip-file here. Extract it, double-click on the TinyTaxis.jar file and have fun!

Tiny Taxis Team

Guillermo Reyes-Fuentes

Jonas Förster

Joshua Witte

Michael A. Hedderich

Sebastian Lieb

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